27-31 March 2022
Europe/Berlin timezone

Dynamics of charge-imbalance-resolved entanglement negativity after a quench in a free-fermion model

31 Mar 2022, 09:00
40 Min Talk Abstracts of Participants Talks


Riccarda Bonsignori (Ruder Boskovic Institute (Zagreb))


The presence of a global internal symmetry in a quantum many-body system is reflected in
the fact that the entanglement between its subparts is endowed with an internal structure, namely
it can be decomposed as sum of contributions associated to each symmetry sector. The study of
the symmetry resolution of entanglement measures provides a formidable tool to probe the outof-
equilibrium dynamics of quantum systems.
As presented in the previous edition of this Workshop by my collaborator Gilles Parez, we initiated the study of the time evolution of the symmetry-resolved entanglement entropy after a global quench in the context of free-fermion systems. In this talk, I will present the results of our subsequent study of the time evolution of its counterpart for non-complementary subsystems, namely the charge-imbalance-resolved negativity, in the same setting. We find that the charge-imbalance-resolved logarithmic negativity shows an effective equipartition in the scaling limit of large times and system size, with a perfect equipartition for early and infinite times. We also derive and conjecture a formula for the dynamics of the so-called charged
Rényi logarithmic negativities. We argue that our results can be understood in the framework of
the quasiparticle picture for the entanglement dynamics, and provide a conjecture that we expect
to be valid for generic integrable models.

Primary authors

Riccarda Bonsignori (Ruder Boskovic Institute (Zagreb)) Dr Gilles Parez (Université de Montréal)

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