30-31 August 2022
Leibniz Universität Hannover
Europe/Berlin timezone
The Open Science Festival is a joint event of Leibniz University Hannover (LUH) and Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology (TIB)

Library Carpentry: OpenRefine (en)

31 Aug 2022, 09:30
TIB Standort TechNat Vortragsraum

TIB Standort TechNat Vortragsraum

Welfengarten 1B
Workshop Day 2 Workshops


Katrin Leinweber (GitLab, The Carpentries) Linna Lu (Leibniz-Informationszentrum Technik und Naturwissenschaften und Universitätsbibliothek)


This Library Carpentry lesson introduces people working in library- and information-related roles to working with data in OpenRefine. At the conclusion of the lesson you will understand what the OpenRefine software does and how to use the OpenRefine software to work with data files.

To get the most out of the workshop, participants should bring a laptop with the setup instructions already completed: https://librarycarpentry.org/lc-open-refine/setup.html

Dipl.-Inf. Linna Lu is a subject-matter expert for TIB’s East Asia and Computer Science, and instructor with The Carpentries.

Dr. Katrin Leinweber is a Senior Support Engineer at GitLab, and instructor with The Carpentries.

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