3-6 July 2023
Europe/Amsterdam timezone

Yang-Baxter deformations of the flat space string

6 Jul 2023, 12:30
20 Min Talk Participants Talks


Khalil IDIAB (HU Berlin)


The study of symmetric space sigma models and their integrable Yang-Baxter deformations in the context of the AdS/CFT correspondence has led to many important results. However, the quantization of these models remains a challenging problem. To gain new insights into the quantum structure of these models, we propose to study Yang-Baxter deformations of the flat space string. The advantage of flat space is that it allows us to perform certain calculations explicitly, which can serve as a check to some of the known theory.
In this talk, we will present our approach to extending Yang-Baxter deformations to flat space and we will demonstrate an explicit check of some known results.

Primary author

Khalil IDIAB (HU Berlin)

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