30 September 2022 to 1 October 2022
Königsworther Platz 1
Europe/Berlin timezone

COVID Regulations

You may walk from the main railway station approximately 250 m into the City Centre to the underground U-Bahn/tram stop "Kröpcke" or ride from the main railway station to "Kröpcke" with the U-Bahn/tram routes 1 (direction Laatzen oder Sarstedt), 2 (Rethen), 3 (Wettbergen), 7 (Wettbergen), 8 (Messe/Nord) or 9 (Empelde). From the tram stop "Kröpcke" you will reach the University within about 5 minutes with U-Bahn/tram route 4 toward Garbsen, or 5 toward Stöcken.

Entering Leibniz University Hannover is only permitted upon compliance with the 3G rule.

At present there is no mast mandate in the buildings, but you are welcome to war a mast, if you like. Please keep in mind that wearing mask is mandatory in the public transport in Hannover.

Please read the information about the current regulations and news concerning COVID at Leibniz University Hannover here.